Are you sitting and thinking about how to prepare for your exams in a short time?

Don’t worry! We know your worries as most children cram when they are left with very less time for their exams.

Cramming should not be a part of exam preparation. Students who cram for exams may end up over-caffeinated, tired and ill-prepared. There is a bit difference between studying smartly and studying hard.

Studying hard consumes a lot of time whereas Studying smart reduces stress and produce better results.

Here given below are some useful & effective ways to study and be preparing for exams.

•    Learn in various ways

Learning how to learn is a vital life skill.

Studies show that different tactics stimulate different parts of the brain.

Try some new different ways of study so that you more likely understand and retain what all you have learned. 

Some of these effective ideas may include such as reading self-made notes loudly, teaching someone what you have learned, doing written practices, reading text materials, and going through online resources.

•    Multiple subjects in a day

It is more effective to study a number of subjects in a single day if you are preparing for exams. As you have to prepare all the subjects, so it’s rather good to read a little bit about each topic every day.

In this way, you can cover up all the subjects easily.

•    Review time to time

Reviewing the information periodically is necessary in order to move your short-term memory to long-term memory. This will help you score better grades in your exams.

The optimal review interval varies differently as it depends on how long you want to retain the information to your mind. If you want to retain it for a long time, review it again n again.

•    Never do multi-task

Don’t do this mistake ever! As multi-tasking makes you less productive, more distractive while leaving you confused.

Just do one thing at a time. This can be understood by saying that doesn’t study while replying to messages or calls, watching TV or while checking out facebook feed.

Instead, clear off extra material from your study table, put your phone down; turn off notifications of social media accounts so that you will not get disturbed while studying.

•    Eat Healthy

“A healthy mind lives in a healthy body”.

This proverb sets right. You are advised to take a healthy diet during the exams as it will increase your memory while maintaining your health.

Add blueberries, chicken, eggs, broccoli, green leafy vegetables and fresh fruits to your diet chart. This will help you improve your memory & you’ll be able to learn faster

You can take dry fruits such as almonds, walnuts, cashew nuts, dates etc as these prove advantageous in the prevention of degenerative diseases.

•    Always sit at front in the class

If you are given a chance to choose your seat anywhere in the class, always grab it in the front. By sitting at the front, helps to increases your concentration power, while you’ll be able to listen to the teacher more clearly and see the blackboard as well.

Study smarter instead of Harder!