The Shri Siddhivinayak Temple is most popular temple of Lord Ganesh located at Prabhadevi area of Mumbai. It is believed and experienced by many devotees that their desires are fulfilled by visiting this temple and praying to Lord Ganesh. In Marathi, this Siddhivinayak (Lord Ganesh) is known as “Navsacha Ganpati” or “Navsala Pavanara Ganpati”. It means ‘Lord Ganpati who fulfills all wishes/desires’. The temple is two decades old.

According to the offiical website of this temple, the first temple was built on 19th November 1801. It was constructed by a professional contractor, Late Mr. Laxman Vithu Patil. The funds and instructions to build the temple was provided by Late Deubai Patil who was known to be a rich lady of Agri Samaj.The old temple had an ancient architectural style. It consisted of a hall, a sanctum sanctorum, some free open space, the temple’s administrative office to the right and a water tank in the front[1].