Marital Problems as the name applies are problems related to marriage between married couples.No relationship is perfect and free from problems but one experiences more problems in a marriage.


Financial problems

Inability to forgive


Lack of communication

Lack of appreciation

Turned focus

Boundary problems

Time management


Technology interference

Values and beliefs

Traumatic situations




These issues crop up in a marriage and lead to marital discord and sometimes even cause a divorce.These problems should not be ignored but solutions should be found to build a happy married life.

A few points to be kept in mind to diffuse such problems, they are;

Be consistent

Time management should be the priority

Adhere to your promises.

Be transparent ,don't lie to your partner.

Be sensitive to each other's feelings

Be more communicative

Stop criticizing and become more understanding

Stop the blame game, mistrust and anger

Appreciate each other

Money shouldn't become the bone of contention

Share household responsibilities

Both should act as parents and share the responsibility of being a parent together.

Don't drag families into the couple feud.

Gadget interference should be lessened.

These pointers can help solve marital problems with ease and reduce divorces which are becoming quite common today.