I was sleeping in deep sleep. Suddenly came a voice and felt like that someone trying to pull my sheet from my face.I began to panic and asked to him who are you?
I got the answer that I am your last breathe.
Then I asked:- Why have you come to me last? What do you want?
I got the answer:- The life you have live here, Have ever think about it?
Responded after deep breathing:- Who thinks so much about his life right now?
I got the answer again:- I am not asking about everybody. I just want to know about you, Ever wondered what you do so much for people, do they ever try to know your news.
I had no words for this answer.
After some time, thinking about these things, I said to him you give me some more time.Let me also see how i live for myself, so give me some time for this.
But after some days i said to him, I felt so that my life becomes colourless without them.(friends)
If they are not in my life then i can walk with you.
Listen to me that thing they spoke, So ok u get ready to walk with me.
               And in last, I lost my soul And I left this world with last breathe.