CNC machining services are a production method used for manufacturing where all the tasks are carried out on computerized machines. In CNC machining the machining function is determined by a program that controls the movement of the tool on the block to be machined. The axis of rotation of cutter and the work piece is defined in a CNC milling machine. The machine with 3 or 5 axes is completely automated and controlled by the computer. Products manufactured using CNC machining services are manufactured with a great deal of precision and quality. CNC machining services make bulk or batch production possible.

CNC machining services can be done on a variety of different materials from plastic, wood, metal to foam. Machine tools that can be controlled by CNC include lathes, grinders and milling machines.

Worthy hardware has a state of the art machine shop that offers unparalleled accuracy at economical costs. The machine shop has a variety of machines and can handle a wide range of materials. Worthy hardware promises to manufacture quality products

Precision machining parts remains an essential service utilized in creating parts, components of many tools and items we use. Precision CNC machine parts is a manufacturing process that is vital in creating machine, parts, tools and other hardware that are required in modern manufacturing to maintain process controls and tolerance that accurate specification. Precision machining parts have very tight tolerances that have very low margin.

Worthy hardware manufactures precision turned parts capable of machining a variety of different materials with very tight tolerance, high degree of durability. Not only can Worthy hardware manufacture precision machining parts they can repair them as well

Metal machining services are required when different metals need to be machined for various applications. Metal machining services may be required for a prototyping or rapid production of small or large metal parts. Worthy hardware has extensive metal machining services and can process stainless steel, steel, brass, aluminum, Teflon and iron. Worthy hardware can produce functioning metal parts very quickly. The 3 axis and 5 axis machine centers at Worthy hardware can produce both simple and complex designs.