In 21th Century,using swear words is a common practice and it became a part of our mental reflex,like its in our blood.But what are the effects of it and how to use it?.Practically there are many good effects of using slang.If we experience negative emotions or repulsions like distress,anger , hate,disgust, hesitation, frustration  it's perticularly fine to use slang , because we need something to express our feeling in a non descriptive phrases also it helps to fit in the crowd and managing anger being substitute of physical aggression,and it has a connection to our tolerance ,intelligence, vocabulary and so on.Feelings can't be described,you possibly won't say that high hormonal production like dopamine or cortisol and other hormones are causing you to get angry,you will say ,shit,fuck,bitch whatever words you seem fit where their literal meaning is different but we take these words as expressions and it's very needed to loose your mind in certain time but you should never use those on people in the intention to offend or psychological harm.You don't like any situation or a thing ,that's okay because those thing won't get affected by your words ,you curse those million times it doesn't matter,they won't back you anything,even you can use it for yourself which might give you sustainablity and patience,it works for every individual in different ways.But if you use those words on people , you will make an affect , because whatever words you use their literal meaning is connected to our activities.Now you will say we didnt mean it literally,it's just an expression,but in your subconscious it's happening in your mind.Imagine you are reapetedly using slang without any cause ,but in the heat of the moment,when you say it , would you not mean it?,you will and thing will get worse.You will not leave any chance of discussion if already use slang out of your havit,but if you listen to that,you might find a way.Because Language shapes the way you think and vice versa.So it is okay to use it for any other reason but not for abusing or intimidating someone.