This work is a natural poetry first published on same date in June 2017 through Lulu and later on published in print on 23rd of April 2019 by support of Penguin India locations. 

A vivid poetry that is based on nature, the work generally presents wake up call for those who feel nature is still not a focus point, and this is a work that asks the social leaders to come forward and help saving the nature. 

Like the first edition, the cartoons by Priya Verma are great in their simplicity and design and attracts readers to enjoy the poems focused along side the cartoons to get the work going as a poetic work. 

An ultimate poetic work with more poems on each chapter with same theme, The author believe in the awareness the work shall spread and ultimately it is a work on nature that would help people recognise the wake up calls so Let's save the nature, protect our mother Earth and like the forward says It's the only one we got So save the Earth...