Warm, humid air, bodies moving in a similar pattern and the sound of flowing breath - welcome to an Ashtanga yoga class. Ashtanga yoga is a tradition of revered K. Pattabhi Jois. The traditional Ashtanga yoga teachings, known as Mysore style is a practice of an individual moving in postures connected with the vinyasa (breath) and a steady focus (drishti). 

As Nepal is an avowed land of eastern yogic and meditation practices, you can find numerous yoga certification in Nepal, Ashtanga YTTC being one of them. Enroll in the best Ashtanga yoga teacher training course in Nepal by following these guidelines: 

1. Yoga Alliance Certification: Nepal is the land of yoga schools. A yoga school is the place of knowledge, and transformation, therefore, it is imperative that it is validated. Select and enroll in a yoga school which is approved by the Yoga Alliance. Yoga Alliance accreditation is the testament to the fact that the school is reputed, authentic, and experienced in conducting Ashtanga yoga teacher training program. Also, certified schools offer an apt environment for Ashtanga yoga practices. 

2. YTTC Curriculum: When considering enrolling in Ashtanga yoga certification in Nepal, take a careful look at the curriculum. Ashtanga yoga is a traditional eight-fold path that has evolved from the sacred knowledge of ‘Yoga Korunta.’ Make sure the selected yoga school for Ashtanga yoga teacher training has a curriculum that focuses on teaching Ashtanga yoga from a traditional view. The primary Ashtanga yoga series, what is vinyasa, 9 Drishtis in Ashtanga yoga, the importance of Ujjai and Bandhas in series along with other important Ashtanga elements make for an ideal Ashtanga YTTC curriculum. 

3. Teaching Figures: In order to evolve into an Ashtangi, undergo an Ashtanga YTTC or 200-hour yoga teacher training in Nepal at a yoga school having registered yoga teachers. Additionally, a yoga school where Ashtanga yoga classes are taken by teachers specializing in Ashtanga yoga is highly recommended. Ashtanga yoga teachers shall enlighten you deeply with invigorating Ashtanga yoga lessons, purpose, and more. During 200-hour yoga teacher training in Nepal, you are introduced to Ashtanga yoga practices by the yoga teachers. So, it makes for a good option for all those who wish to learn other classical yoga forms along with Ashtanga yoga. 

4. Perfect Blend of Theoretical and Practical Teachings: The statement yoga is 10% theory and 90% practical holds true for the Ashtanga yoga teacher training. Select a school in Nepal for Ashtanga yoga teacher training that strictly abides by this law. Practical teachings of Bandhas, Drishti, Mudras, and Vinyasas are important for correct Ashtanga yoga practices. 

5. Excursions and Visits: Ashtanga yoga is challenging, and Ashtanga yoga teacher training is the most challenging. Therefore, excursions, visits to places of importance, adventure activities as a part of yoga certification in Nepal curriculum is vital. These activities give you an opportunity to relax and unwind from a tiring Ashtanga yoga schedule and to re-start fresh and rejuvenated the next day. Also, Nepal is beautiful. Exploring it during on a yoga teacher training in Nepal is a delight to both eyes and soul. 

6. Affordability: Determining the cost of yoga teacher training is crucial. Surely, you do not want to compromise on quality and you also do not wish to burn a hole in your pocket too. So, go for affordable yet quality yoga teacher training in Nepal. The pricing should be inclusive of accommodation and food facility. 

Evolve into an Ashtangi with yoga certification in Nepal And Yoga Retreat in Nepal. Read and follow these tips to make the right choice.