1.We can keep another vessel (containing milk or anything) on top of the vessel in which some food is being cooked. 

Likewise 50% cooking gets completed of top vessel. then remaining 50% we complet bykeeping on direct flame. 

2.Maximum cooking we do in pressure cooker.

3.After chapatti preparation  we use hot pan to roast paapad or heating water for drinking.

4.While cooking on one burner other burner we don’t keep empty we keep other vessel so that due to radiation of heat that vessel get warm.

5.Very shortly we are coming up with certain plan where we can use heat radiation which are moving upwards.

6.During winter and summer our 80 % lunch we cook in  solar cooker.

due to all these our annual LPG consumption is very less. 

Other conservation techniques also we follow

1.     We use  as much natural light as possible.

2.  we have installed solar water heater and  solar panel to solve energy problem  to a greater extent

3.     We try our best to use  100% recycled paper or tree free paper.

4.     we have only CFL Bulb, We prefer to go by walk and  by bicycle.

5.     We off electric switches as soon as we finish our work.

7.we Hang clothes to dry as  opposed to using a clothes dryer.

 The efficient use of energy and its conservation is Very Much essential for energy security, conserving scarce fossil fuel resources and saving environment. Our rapid and sustainable development rests a great deal on the prudent use of energy and curbing its wasteful use.All of our lives are supported by the bounty of mother earth.