It was another normal day at University. We were standing on the verandah outside our class. And all of a sudden I saw a girl, gosh she was damn pretty.

Literally, I stared her for 5 to 6 mins, she noticed me and it became awkward for both of us.

We are backbenchers and that too teenager, we have a bad habit of addressing a beautiful girl as " Maal ".

That day too one of a friend called me said, " Bhai dekh kya maal h ".

That day something got into me and I became furious and replied, " Dubara esa bola toh marunga.

The best part was, She heard me say that. " Bhai ki izzat bar gayi larki k nazar m " 😂

We stood there for around 90 minutes exchanging smiles. I was like " Yr smile mil rha h matlb ab apna scene bnega 😃.

After college I followed her to her house. In between Clge and her house she stopped at 2 places.

1) Panipuri wale bhaiya.

Girls and Panipuri still a better love story released by our Bollywood nowadays.

I too joined her and said to the Panipuri wale bhaiya , " Jis type ka woh kah rahi hai , wesa hi bnaiye ". I don't know if she heard me or not but suddenly she started saying, " Bhaiya aur theeka." And I was like aaj toh lgne wali hai apni. And I swear next morning I realized pyar k chakkr m bhot buri tarah lg gayi.

2 ) Recharge shop.

As soon as she stopped there I started wondering " Sala jio k zamane m kon recharge krwata h ".

I too followed her to the shop and took a recharge of 50 of Airtel. Jio hote hue Airtel m recharge, pyar m kya kya krta hai insaan 😂😂.

Finally, she reached home. That evening again I went to that colony but she was nowhere to be found. I was disappointed. I returned home and started wondering how should I start a conversation. After 4 hours I came up with a plan. I thought of attending a class in her section and would ask her for a pen. " Purana tareeka hai , par hmesa kaam krta hai". 

As there's a saying Old is Gold.

After hours of practice, I was all prepared. I entered the class, sat behind her but felt as if she was ignoring me. 😔

And so I dropped my plan and silently moved out of the class after the period was over. I felt bad for a couple of days but then I thought, " Bhai life m chaiye izzat " so I stopped noticing her or looking at her😎

Days passed and I was back to normal. One day I was standing outside her class talking to my friends. And you will be surprised to know what happened next 😂.

I caught her clicking my pictures and she was so dumb she didn't even turn the flashlight off 😂😂. Girls are so smart after all.

I was on cloud nine and we started talking. Now we used to meet on a regular basis. It was all going really smooth

One fine evening I asked her out, she agreed.

We talked for almost 2 hours and then I suddenly proposed her out of nowhere.

" Will you be my better half till death do us apart. "

She blushed and said, " I am all yours".

I was about to kiss her suddenly a voice from the backside,

" Uth Jah nalayak dophar k 2 baj rahe hai ".

It was my Maa.

And I realized it was just a beautiful dream.

I smiled again 😌

And then I said to Maa ,

" Maa aap toh sapne m bhi kisiko kiss krne nhi deti ". 😄