MBOX to PST conversion is not quite easy for all users. Therefore, here we will discuss the ways, which converts  MBOX data to PST format. We have read about both the methods, but regrets the method if we do not get the appropriate results. The reason behind this is that manual and direct methods are different, as well as the ability to file conversion is not the same.

What is MBOX file & where is it used?

MBOX is a very old and plain-text mail format that stores the messages of many popular email clients such as Apple Mail, Entourage, Netscape, Postbox, Eudora, SeaMonkey, The Bat, Claws mail etc. This plain text messages contains the attachments in encoded form.

If you are a user of one of them and planning to move data into Outlook platform, then you have two choice to move – Manual and Direct Method.

Why convert MBOX to PST format?

We know well about MS Outlook which has taken a place of many desktop email clients. Outlook is well equipped with all the features that are not available in others, and its friendly interface is very helpful for users. Microsoft provides Outlook applications that can also be used in Android and Windows phones that are a better option for the users to read, compose and send mail through the smart phones.

How to perform MBOX to PST Conversion process?

You can convert MBOX to PST in both way but as a protection, we choose the best option.

Manual process: This method is a long procedure to convert MBOX data in Outlook PST format but it is absolutely free and secure for few sizes of data. 

For Outlook 2019 to 2013

  1. Install Eudora email client in local system.
  2. Locate the default location of the related MBOX email client and copy MBOX data.
  3. Go to Eudora default location >> paste MBOX file and rename the format: mbox ó mbx. Both formats are family format so it will not harm the folder structure.
  4. Install & Run Outlook Express >> Go to File >> Import >> select Messages.
  5. Choose Eudora from the list then Next >> Browse location of .mbx file then hit ok
  6. Select the destination then Finish.

Now import in Outlook from Outlook Express.

  1. Run Outlook >> Go to file tab >> Choose “Import & Export tool” Wizard
  2. Select “Import Internet mail and addresses” >> choose Outlook Express and hit next button
  3. At last click on finish button.

For Outlook 2010 and older version:

In previous version of MS Outlook, you have to follow the same process but skip the steps from 4 to 6 after changing the file name. And continue the ahead steps and select the Eudora (pro and light 2x, 3x and 4x ) option in import & export wizard.

I hope it is clear on your mind that it is very large and tiresome process as well as there is a lot of patience and time required. So, we suggest to perform this method with low size of data otherwise you may lose data, image and attachments.

Direct method - Export MBOX to PST format

Direct method is the best way to transfer large size of MBOX data to Outlook and it also maintain the data integrity and influence after migrating MBOX to PST format.

Adopt MailsDaddy MBOX to PST Converter for the best result and it able to convert all MBOX, MBX and MBS based email clients data to Outlook. The tool is full of features that quickly convert the MBOX data file in PST or other given formats. Using this tool, you can also search the valuable data and also export it in PST format. Not only this, you can create a single or separate PST file of all MBOX file.

Notable features of MBOX to PST Converter

  1. Multiple Add option to upload MBOX file into the application.
  2. Preview window of selected email and their attachments.
  3. Bulk export option to convert all mails at once.
  4. Save email in various formats like MSG, EML, HTML, RTF and MHTML.
  5. Create single or separate PST file for all MBOX data.
  6. Set date range filter to export the data from start date to end date.

Conclusion: I hope it will be helpful to understand the migration process from MBOX to Outlook and also know "How to convert MBOX to PST format." If you have any query then leave a comment.