Dial-up connection of AOL is an award-winning feature, which makes it convenient for users to use the broadband connection in an enhanced manner and is safer for users to access the Internet. Due to these features, AOL is considered to be one of the best internet service providers available that pay utmost attention towards its users. No matter where you are using the dial-up connection of AOL, if it is not working correctly, you must be very disappointed. So, If you have been encountering difficulty with the AOL’s dial-up connection, you must follow the methods provided below to fix the problem manually. Otherwise, you always have an option to connect with the experts at AOL customer support number and do away with the problem as soon as it bothers you.

Troubleshooting steps to fix Dial-up connection of AOL

Have a look at the following troubleshooting steps listed below to fix the dial-up connection problem:

  • The issue with the dial tone: For setting the problem, one must check whether you can hear the dial tone or not. If you have one, it means the problem is probably with the browser settings or the computer. If you are unable to hear one, the issue has likely to do with the service connection or phone provider.
  • Change in your phone service: As AOL dial-up connection functions through public phone network, any changes in the phone service will affect the dial-up connection for sure. One should always remember that dial-up connections don’t work through services provided by cable companies 
  • Check the physical connection of your phone: Dial-up connections are entirely different from the wireless ones, where you don’t need to worry about loose cables. This connection needs to be securely connected with the required cables to connect with the Internet. So, if any wire is loose or if the cord is broken, the Internet will not work at all.
  • Unplug all the phone devices: You must unplug all phone devices, and then reconnect just the modem. Now, try connecting online, if it is working, you should reconnect the devices one at a time until and unless you identify which device is creating the problem.
  • Restart the computer and modem: One may consider this solution as relatively simple, but it actually works. Switch off the computer and modem, wait for five minutes, and then turn them on again. Now, see if the problem persists.

These are a few solutions to troubleshoot dial-up connections problem of AOL. There are some other methods as well, such as, you can try using another browser, use different access number, check your username and password, or contact your internet service provider. If the issue persists even after implementing each and every step, you must get in touch with AOL customer service number to have a word to word conversation with professionals regarding the problem.

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