An effective social media marketing activity must consider the creation of contest on Instagram. In this article we will give you some tips to better organize a contest on this social media and we will list the most successful contests. Find out more

The statistics are clear. Organizing contests on Instagram can greatly increase the fan base and retain your audience.

A research by Tailwind , an application that helps plan activity on social media, has found that the accounts that hold competitions on this social network are able to grow their followers 70% faster in three months than those who they don't. This figure is considerable.

Below we explain you through practical examples how to take advantage of the contest on Instagram to increase the awareness of your brand and, therefore, significantly increase sales.

How to organize a contest on Instagram

First of all, as with any digital marketing activity, you need to put your strategy in writing, so as not to forget any steps during the creation phase of the contest on Instagram .

What you should enter in the description is, for example, relating to the prize you would like to give away, the deadline, the method of participation, the prize-giving day and, very important detail, the rules.

Then, to make the contest a success, you need to follow some valuable tips:

Make it as easy as possible . In this case, the UX Writing rule applies, i.e. to guide your user to carry out all the operations necessary to participate in the contest on Instagram as easily as possible. For example, you could focus on a CTA that provides only one clear and precise action;

Bet on relevant prizes . What you offer your users must be meaningful. In this way, thanks to the surprise of users regarding the prize offered, you could generate a positive word of mouth that, certainly, will make you notice and create a lot of engagement. Don't have a lot of money to invest for valuable prizes? Enter into a partnership agreement with a brand that, for example, produces the prize you would like to offer for your contest on Instagram ;

Study well how and when to announce the contest . You could, for example, ride the wave of holidays, special occasions, sporting and social events. Otherwise, you could start the contest on the important dates for your company (for example on the day when your business turns 20), but also more simply on reaching a certain number of followers (10k, 50k, etc.).

These aspects that we have listed do not go absolutely neglected. By defining everything well in advance, you will also fall under the Instagram guidelines and you will not risk any kind of legal problem.

5 types of contest on Instagram

The range of types of contests on this social media is very wide. However, each typology can be more or less suitable for achieving the goal you would like to achieve, such as creating buzz around your brand, generating leads or obtaining a good amount of user generated content.

We see below the 5 most successful Instagram contests .

Tag and win

Contests of the "tag a friend" typology can be a winning tool to create interest around your brand both by those who already follow you and those who are not yet among your followers, increasing the reach of the community of reference .

The realization is simple. What you need to do is ask your followers to tag a friend to win the prize. The people who are tagged receive a notification and, maybe, if your gallery is interesting and the prize you offer is even more, they could start following you.

Challenge contest

The challenges on Instagram are "challenges" or "tasks" that last a predefined period of time: what the user has to do is something that proves his belonging to the community you have created. This challenge can take place by posting photos on your feed by tagging your business or in the Stories.

Important is the creation of a specific hashtag with which your users will have to convey their images. A hashtag doesn't have to be too long and it must be easy to remember.

Selfie contest

The selfie contest is also simple to do, like the previous ones. This competition works well, in particular, with the products .

If your company sells perfumes, you can ask people to publish a selfie with the fragrance you sell, perhaps in your hand or simply in the background.

What you need to ensure is the reuse of all selfies in order to be able to publish them in the future according to your needs.

Also in this case the creation of a dedicated hashtag is fundamental.

Photo contest

Similar to the selfie contest, this type of contest does not necessarily see people in the foreground. There is another difference from the previous contest. In this case your rewards may not necessarily be physical. You can simply let people know that your photo will be published on your feed or it can be used for your brand's activities : something particularly interesting for those who sell photos online or want to make themselves known.

Caption contest

The latter type of contest on Instagram consists in having a caption made by your users , who will publish under your post in the feed. This is another useful strategy to increase the social engagement rate.

Once you have received a tot, you can decide to win your prize to the best caption or you can make your followers choose the most beautiful caption through a like.