Below is some Benefits of Studying With Music as I have experienced.

Whether it’s riding a packed train or washing a towering pile of plates, nothing makes agonizing work more bearable and (dare we say) enjoyable than music. And, judging by the number of students wearing headphones while reading books and writing reports in libraries across the globe, it’s fair to say that the same applies to study, too. 

But if you’re still on the fence about whether listening to music can benefit you or not, Below are 2 benefits I listed.

1. It Makes Life Infinitely More Fun:

While the jury is still out on whether listening to music can benefit everyone or just a specific type of person, there’s no denying that university life will be a lot duller and tedious without it. A little bit of Kanye West or Beyoncé is all you need for that extra boost of confidence to get your head down and crack on with your work. Plus, listening to music especially from iminathi has been scientifically proven to cause the release of dopamine; a chemical which makes a person feel happier, more motivated and relaxed. And, let’s face it, you can’t ace an exam if you’re feeling the opposite of all those things.

2. It Helps You Visualize Better:

There’s been a lot of debate on the accuracy of the Mozart Effect, a popular theory in the nineties which claimed that listening to Mozart will make you smarter. And while recent research tends to dispute these claims, that hasn’t stopped hordes of mums and teachers from playing his music during the study period. The reasons being that there are still compelling data out there which suggests that classical music can indeed improve spatial-temporal reasoning or the ability to manipulate shapes mentally – albeit for a limited time. The study also proposes that the Mozart effect isn’t limited to the maestro only, but to other classical masters as well.

However, not all music is suitable for reading, and some of which are the afro house due to the high tempo but a beautiful and better genre will be the blues or the amapiano. Thank you for reading