Sweet Custard for short and sweet cravings

Sweet Custard to satiate your sweet cravings

Take three tablespoons custard powder and put in a glass
Add little water to same to form liquidy solution
Now take a saucepan
Add milk to the same
Allow it to boil
Now add sugar for taste
If you like it very sweet
Add more sugar
Mix it well
Allow it to boil and simmer
Now add custard solution
Mix well
Stir it continuously such that no lumps are formed
After a few minutes
Now allow it to cool
Now keep in the freezer to make it chill
You can serve in a glass bowl
Garnish it with chopped fruits like Pineapple, Grapes, Apples, Pomegranate
This sweet delicacy can be served to your family to celebrate all sweet occasions

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