There are major events occurred in front of my teachers which they handled wisely without showing that immense pain they are getting in return. But there are a few instances which seriously shocked the entire class.

The first was in the fourth grade. Everyone loathed this educator, she was truly mean to her schoolchildren. It was assumed she had antagonism problems and we were continuously complaining to the principal about her. One day the principal came into class with police officers, all of us beheld at each other kind of thrilled that this would be the day she lastly got fired (awful, I see). She went out of the class to speak with them and abruptly we perceived what expressed like an animal fading. Everyone in class got quiet, doubting what was going on.

The teacher ran into the teaching space and fell behind her writing desk crying so flamboyant. The officers ran inside with the principal and supported the teacher outside, adjoining teachers were learnt of the condition and they came into the classroom to a pact with us. Formerly even learning out what occurred I felt bad for her, she was in a humongous amount of agony and I have never heard anyone cry so flamboyant. She collected her stuff and left the classroom.

We far along find out by another teacher that her son was in a dreadful accident and had passed away. He was 21 years old at that time. She was a different person after that event. She came back a few weeks advanced I believe and got truly quiet, it appeared she did not really care about anything any longer. I still think about her time to time even though it was almost 14 years ago.