AOL email services are loaded with a bunch of quality features, a smooth interface, and high-end security. There are multiple subscription options available for users to pick a plan, one can choose that matches their budget and requirements. AOL services justify each and every penny you pay. However, few of the users look for a free AOL account and you can get it very easily, but make sure you are ready to sacrifice some intuitive features. Altogether, the free AOL email account is a decent option if you are searching for a basic email account. To get an in-depth overview of the free AOL account, call AOL Support Number

"The best tip: Opt for the AOL internet connection and you will get the AOL account for free. This is the best way to pay for one and get plenty of benefits for free. Apart from this, you can always change your subscription plan to a cheaper one."

Free AOL service consists of:

  1. A username and email account, with which you can access
  2. AOL security service feature which will allow you to control spam, pop-ups, and other unfamiliar viruses. 
  3. AOL contacts and address book
  4. AOL videos and search

Did change pay the AOL email account to a free account?

AOL offers subscription-based services to its users. But if you have their internet connection, you can get the AOL account for free. Anyway, you can change your paid email service to a free account using the below-given step:

  1. Go to My Services and then open Subscription.
  2. Click “Manage” from account information
  3. Click on Change Plan.
  4. Check the confirmation page first and you will even lower the subscription plan instead of canceling it altogether. In case you need the free account, click on the Cancel My Billing option. 
  5. Now you need to choose the reason for cancellation and then click the Cancel My Billing.

Features you will miss in the free AOL accounts:

  • Internet connectivity

  • McAfee security

  • Live technical support

  • Additional premium services

Call AOL Phone Number if you are struggling to change your paid AOL into a free account. You will be guided through the right steps to make your AOL account free. AOL Customer Service is available all throughout the day and night. So, call the toll-free number of instant technical assistance for AOL email and other services.