Are you skinny? Do you think your excessive frailness is preventing you from attracting others? Are you thinking of taking some drugs to put on weight? Well, then this is the place to be. Here we are going to discuss various healthy ways by which you can put on weight.

Special emphasis should be given on the word ‘healthy’. These are healthy ways having no side effects what so ever and you can make yourself look chubbier and walk out in the streets proudly.

Underweight people also have the problem of having a poor immune system. So doctors advise them to gain weight. To gain a few pounds is not at all a big deal.

Follow Some Simple Steps To Gain Weight

Healthy Diet

To gain a few pounds you should follow a basic diet. According to many just to put on weight, all you have to do is to eat lots, go to McDonald’s every day, having potato chips daily.

Well, this is by far the worst way to gain weight. By doing so you are not only harming yourself but also will be getting into serious bad habits which you won’t be able to stop.

To start you should plan out a diet. The diet should have milk included. You should try and have 5 or 6 meals every day. Try munching something even when you are not hungry. But these foods should be healthy ones.

One should not be picky about the food they are eating. You should eat all varieties of food so that your body gets all the required vitamin and protein. This is very much necessary to gain weight.

You should be having milk or milk products regularly. Milk contains casein that helps in slow digestion and thus helps in recovering muscles. Try and having fruit juice, potato, and wheat which also contains fat. You should also try and eat late at night before going to sleep. You can also play PUBG Lite on PC right now free which recently released for low-end devices


Even while going through weight increment processes it is important to continue doing exercises, this will help in converting your fats into muscles. Having excessive fat does not look good.

People also like muscular bodies. So it is important to keep on eating and also doing exercises as well. No, while working out you should keep in mind of not to work out for more than an hour. If possible have milk or some food immediately after exercising.

Weigh Yourself Every Day

It is important to keep a check on your weight. You do not want to gain more weight and turn your lean self into an excessive chubby body. You don’t want to be called ‘fatso’ every time you turn your back.

So it is very important to keep on checking your weight daily myenvoyair. And another advantage of checking weight daily is that you will feel motivated when you find that there has been progressing. These are just various healthy steps by which you can gain weight