Dear Society,
Hey there! I know this kinda doesn't make sense. But it really should.
You asked me to cover my face and when I was with him.
Why? Isn't it bad?
Or did you forget that day when you were against Burqas?
Well, I ain't even hiding.
That's how I respect my God. That's what I believe in.
Today the hijab means many different things for different people. Sometimes, I do hide. I hide from you.
Wait. Did I just say "YOU"?
Well, Society is me and you put together, we make the society.
They say the world is one family.
I call my mom Ammi and you call yours Amma. What's the difference? A letter? You made it look like they're words from two different planets.
So shouldn't we all be the same?
We have the exact same skin but I just forgot that you divided us on the basis of caste, colour and even religion.
RELIGION? Ahhh! Such a deep word. Are we allowed to do that? Sorry, I dont belong and believe in the same.
Families are supposed to stand together for each other rather than pointing out the one you find odd. Don't we make a family? We do, right? I thought I was your daughter too.
We have enough walls already. Different houses, different people and then... different religions. I didn't ask you to break these walls. But why do you have to build new ones? Why do you wanna break something that's beautiful?
We, under one roof, should be happy together like a family.
I am standing with you and will be with you in your ups and downs. Will you?
Let's not ask people to break walls but at least stop them from making the new ones.
Let's make