It's stated that if someone had experience in something,that person has more knowledge for that matter.but it's not entirely true.Think you are doing a particular thing for 5 years and people say that there is no one like you because no one had that much of experience.But in five years you didn't apply your knowledge ,you are doing the way you are taught in first year,so in practically you are just repeating what was taught,there is no adaptability,there is no Innovation,there is no new way to think .so what is the difference between one year experienced guy and five year experienced guy.entirely zero.This is the illusion .Unless we question why we are taking action ,there is no improvement,unless we know what is happening behind and what's the impacts ,there is no Innovation.Its all about thinking , Experience is just a word.
But I am not saying that experience has no value,the more time we spend on something we become a part of it afterwards.And not all jobs are dull that you only need to repeat things, with time everything gets more difficult and experience helps us providing confidence and knowledge to cope up with those situations.But there is a possibility about what I said so we need get rid of stereotype concept of particular word and think differently.Sometime we only look but don't see and that becomes a habit .