Trrring! Trrring!

It rang ,creating a bedlam of chattering and thumping footsteps as the little minds overflowed from their classrooms. Yes, it was the school bell. The atmosphere created by that single note is worth adoring. The numerous things that occur in these five minutes are worth commenting on.

You could see the students closing their books and packing their bags in such a hurry as if the Prime Minister was waiting for them. Yet in another corner of the room you could see a girl frustrated ,as if the world was coming to an end because all her colors had fallen down ,at the exact moment when she was about to run to be first in the queue to go home. In a part of the room you could see a boy desperate, as if he was only left with a few minutes of life, because his sharpener had fallen down , vanishing into the thinnest air possible and was nowhere to be seen. In another corner you could see two girls quarreling about who’s handwriting was the best.

Somewhere , in the middle of isle ,you could see two boys fighting over who’s bottle has a better sticker of Lionel Messi. One of the student would be still hovering around a friend asking to make her understand ,why 4+4 is 8. One of the child would be seen with a great smile on his face, as if he has won a gold in Olympics because he was standing first in the queue to go home. And standing just behind him was the student wearing his face in a way as if he has lost elections for the president of India by 2 votes because he couldn’t stand first in the line.

And there in the middle of the class, stands the poor teacher trying to swim out of the pool of children, but has to put some extra strength because the speed of the tide was too much. But finally she manages to surf through it and be positioned for the dispersal at the gate of the classroom. There she tries to place the children in queues but in vain, they run through her sides as if the gates of a barrage have opened up and as the children step out of the school, suddenly there is PIN DROP SILENCE... It feels like a building haunted by the winds.

“These children are so magical. They can control silence as if it was one of their toes. In their presence, silence is like peace but in their absence the same silence transforms into restlessness. ” said the school bell