In today’s busy life everyone wants short cuts, so here we explain that how to save Gmail emails to Outlook by short tricks. User can export their Gmail account to PST without Outlook installation on their local system. Today every individual have Gmail account. It is widely used all over the world. Gmail is used on both personally or business level whether they are small scale or large scale. Outlook, on the other hand, is the desktop based application that along with exchanging email messages it also allows you to manage your contacts, calendars, notes, tasks, journals and other items too. So here we discuss how to save Gmail emails to outlook easily.

Why do We Need to Save Gmail Email to Outlook? 

We all know that Gmail is a widely used email client. It is used in every type of work as it can be operated by anytime and anywhere. It has many advantages but also it comes with certain drawbacks. In case of accidental data loss there is no way to recover it. Also it provides the storage of 15 GB which is not sufficient for large business unit where there is continuous transfer of data is done on daily bases. In case of emergency you can’t reach to your mailbox if don’t have internet connection.

Outlook is the desktop based email client which covers all these limitations. It gives you storage of 50 GB which is sufficient for large business units. It saves your database safely by generating UNICODE PST file in your local system. UNICODE PST files are generated by outlook 2003 and its successor’s versions Outlook 2007, Outlook 2010, Outlook 2013, Outlook 2016 or Outlook 2019. These PST files are better than old ANSI PST file as it gives more space of 50 GB.

Now we go through some of user queries to deeply understand the need to save Gmail emails to Outlook

Hello, instant need to save my Gmail database to outlook. Please help me to find an easier solution…


I want to save my Gmail data safely. Is there any software present through which I can save my Gmail emails to outlook? 

So from above we can easily conclude that user all over world need more easy and feasible solution to save Gmail emails to Outlook without installation of outlook. So now we explain how to save Gmail emails to outlook easily.

How to Save Gmail Emails to Outlook Account?

There are various ways available to Gmail emails to outlook first we will explain manual method.

Free & Manual Way:

  • First login your Gmail account and then from gear button go to setting.
  • In menu select Forwarding and POP/IMAP and enable IMAP to turn on IMAP support and save changes.
  • Now open your Outlook account and choose add account in file menu.
  • After pressing the finish button Outlook synchronize the data from your Gmail account.
  • There an Auto Account Setup open where you have to fill your log in credential and press next button to proceed.
  • Move your curser to file menu and select Open & Export >> Import/Export.
  • Now select Export to a File and press next button.
  • After that choose your Outlook data file and press on next.
  • Now select account from which you want to export data.
  • In the end choose your destination to save PST file as per your requirement. And press finish.

The above explained method is used to save your Gmail emails in PST files. But this method also have some drawbacks. It can be seen easily that it is quite a lengthy process and take lots of time. Also it is not easy for any non- technical user to use this manual method. So mow we give you another solution of your problem which is quite simple than the former method. Now I introduce a software Gmail backup tool which is easy to use. 

Steps to Understand Working of Software:-

  1. Firstly download the software from the given link
  2. Now choose Gmail from the list of 40+ email client available.
  3. Then fill your Gmail login credential to load your database in application.
  4. Select PST option from the all other given formats.
  5. Now select your destination location to save your files as per your requirement.
  6. On your screens you can see live conversion process of transforming your Gmail database to PST file
  7. In the last step access the PST file from destination and import it into outlook.

The above explained steps are easy to use and can be used by any non-technical user.

Advantages of Gmail Backup Tool:

  • Transfer your email to Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010 etc.
  • Provides various filters (Date, to, from, subject) and formats.
  • Maintain the hierarchy of folders so that none of your work is affected by migration.
  • Easiest method available to save your Gmail email to Outlook without any technological knowledge.


There are lots of method available to transfer your Gmail emails to outlook. In this article we explained two methods among them. First is manual method in which Outlook installation is necessary in your system and on the other hand Gmail Backup Tool in which you can save your data by just installing the software.