Curd – It is also known as yogurt or “Dahi” and is very popular for preparing a lassi in all over the country. The use of dahi is in ancient tine in Indian subcontinent. It is commonly eating by changing into yogurt (raita) with pulse, onion, and grated cucumber. Dahi ia also consume as a sweet dish with sugar after meal.

Lassi is very popular traditional cold drink during summer season in our country. There are different varieties of lassi which are available in majority places of the country.

Health benefits of curd – There are several health benefits of curd which are discussed below

  1. Curd contains protein with magnesium and potassium and is beneficial in reducing blood pressure which is good for heart.
  2. Curd helps in good immunity system of the body which can protect from several diseases.
  3. The protein and vitamin B5 are found in the yogurt which removes the dandruff and becomes healthy hair.
  4. Curd id beneficial for healthy skin. It is used as a face packs, contains lactic acid used as an exfoliator which removes dead cell and blemishes.
  5. Curd contains a calcium and phosphorus which helps in making strong bones and teeth. Daily eating of curd is used in prevent diseases such as arthritis and osteoporosis.
  6. As per research, curd has probiotics properties and decreased the activity of the brain for emotion such as stress which is harmful for an individual.
  7. Curd has bacteria known as “Lactobacillus acidophilus” which is beneficial for good digestion.
  8. Curd also helps in lower the risk of obesity which is responsible for several diseases as per research.
  9. Curd is helpful in lowering the cholesterol which is beneficial for healthy heart as per research.