Teenage tantrums wreak havoc on parents and parents find it troublesome to manage these tantrums.Teenagers go through a rebellious phase that is normal for their age and brain development.As soon as children enter their teens , their behavior changes  overnight from happy,obedient children to a sulky, argumentative, door-slamming,foot-stomping crazy child.This teenage behavior or tantrums cause friction in the parent-child relationship. The teenage tantrums are for trivial things and can cause problems during adolescence.Parents believed the 'Raging Hormones' triggered these mood-swings.But research has shown that --a teenager's prefrontal cortex i.e the brain's center for moderation, impulse-control and the understanding of consequences--is still not fully developed.Due to this, the hormones keep surging and teenagers throw tantrums.Because of this development teenagers are impulsive, risk-taking and get irked at the drop of a hat. Teenagers become self-centered and they want their demands to be fulfilled.They want maximum freedom, no parental input, and no parental supervision.

At times it becomes difficult to handle these tantrums so a few rules should be set to deflate this anger.

Model good anger management.

Help teenagers to express anger appropriately.

Be aware of other influences.

Have rules, rewards, and consequences.

Discipline with rewards

Understand the peer pressure on teenagers.

Talk with teenagers on subjects of conflict.

Spend quality time with them and listen to their reasoning.

Be open to negotiation.

Encourage them to talk openly.

Try to understand their perspective.

Become indifferent to bad behavior.

Ignore their aggressive behavior.

Take care so that teenagers don't go into depression.

Give them a way out.

Parents should keep their sense of humour.

Handle them with love and care.

So our motto as parents should be 'Handle them with love and care, they are fragile.'