by Mantri Mark 


One cannot keep the entire world in happy moods. There are geographical barricades. Mindset of people and countries are different as policies and governance of various governments is different. One can keep known people in happy moods wherever they are.


We have to speak with others knowing their moods and mind wavelength receivers. One has to speak in a logical and in diplomatic way to be in good looks of others to gain our own popularity. While speaking, one should speak in a balanced way so that there will not be any loose tongue or weak mind.

Speaking is as important as like listening and observing. Most problems arise, if speaking goes wrong when not in subject line, as like good speaking. Sometimes, people will land in problems when the speaking is not correct and acceptable.

One should know what to speak, when to speak, what not to speak, how to speak, how much to speak, where to speak and at which place to speak on which subject.

Speaking should be in a diplomatic and logical way, so that listeners enjoy the speaker’s language.


Our Hearts are too sensitive towards love and at the same time, let us not damage the moods of our Hearts. Our hearts also have limitations, boundaries and barricades for love subject.  Over and above the burden, our hearts may not accept the fuse of love like electric shock. Our hearts are delicate like love subject and our hearts are not strong as brass and can break like glass which cannot be pasted and re-attached with any solutions like araldite.


The ultimate target in any way is Husband, as is very clearly envisaged by wife. So, the Husband is the scapegoat and the Husband cannot escape from the clutches of his wife and there is no other go. It is a foregone conclusion that in most cases, the Husband has to obey the directives of his counterpart and there is no other alternative except to live with, due to lovely affectionate over family members.


Where our destinations go nobody knew. Still we are optimistic. But, we are prepared. But, we are prepared and ready to face challenges and eventualities. We leave this world alone along with our soul and forget our family and relationship.

Mantri Marku