Ganesha – the all time favorite

Lord Ganesha, one of the most famous and favorite among all especially the kids. Do we really know about him? He's just famous as the elephant headed
God with a big belly who is usually found playing around everywhere with his
best friend the Mouse and eating his favorite food Modak. There are some
incidents through which Ganesha proved himself one among the others.
Goddess Parvati, wife of Lord Shiva was supposed to go for bath and she was
alone as Shiva was busy meditating on the mountains. She wanted someone to
guard her door when she goes and it was only Nandi (Shiva's bull) who could do
it. She told Nandi to guard the door and let no one enter till she asks him. Nandi
did accept her orders, but he being loyal to Shiva let's him enter inside with which
Parvati gets very angry thinking of no one being loyal to her, takes off her
turmeric paste applied on her body and makes an idol of a boy and then puts life
to him and names him Ganesha and declares him to be her own son who would
be loyal to her always. Every time she wished to bathe she instructed Ganesha
to guard her door and not let anyone enter.
One day when he was guarding the door, Shiva happened to come and just
rushed inside, but at his surprise, he found a strange boy guarding the door and
stopping him to enter in. On asking him who he was and why was he stopping
him to enter his own house, Ganesha introduces him to be Parvati's son and
informs him, thus, as per her orders he would not allow him to enter. Shiva,
furiously warns him to let him go or else he would have to battle with him.
Ganesha denies to let him enter and so Shiva asks his army to attack him, but
Ganesha very bravely rebelled them. Shiva had realized that he was not an
ordinary boy and thus decided to himself fight with Ganesha and with his divine
fury his trishul poking his head cut on the ground and killed him instantly.
When Parvati came out after her bath and saw Ganesha lying down, ran towards
him and had found herself extremely hurt and insulted that, she wanted to
destroy the whole creation. But, Brahma, being the creator appeared suddenly at
the spot to know what had happened and pleaded her to take back her words.
She furiously denied to change her decisions and narrated them the whole case.
Shiva apologized for his mistake and tried to keep her cool and decided to get
the head of any first living being they find and would place it on Ganesha's head.
So, he ordered Brahma to move towards the north direction and get any head he
In a short time Brahma returns back with a strong big head of an elephant
and hands it over to Shiva. Looking at that Parvati was very annoyed thinking- “a
boy with an elephant head” and so denied to accept it. But, Shiva explained her
that though he would be an elephant headed, he would not be an ordinary boy,
but would be worshiped before all the other Gods. He places the head on the
body and gives him life and declares him to be his own elder son and named him
Ganapati (leader of the beings)
As time passed, Ganesha started growing and with many such incidents
there was one of the most famous incidents when Ganesha and his younger
brother Karthik were discriminated and and were tested who was wiser among
the both. The Devas had insisted to test their qualities and intelligence and so all
of them decided to go to Brahma being the creator of the universe would clear
their doubt. On asking him, he too was speechless that who wiser among the
both. So he decided to send his mischievous son Narada to clear the doubt.
Narada, who was always prompt with his pranks had a wonderful plan to test
them so he reached to the divine couple Shiva and Parvati with a magical fruit
and insisted them to give it to the one whom they liked the most. They were both
confused to whom to give it. At the same time Ganesha and Karthik reached
there and insisted to have the fruit. Shiva and Parvati then decided to organize a
test between them. They in the center and all the other gods and goddesses
surrounded by them. Ganesha and Karthik in the middle were all prepared for the
test. Karthik was confident enough to win it, as he was a fit and fine. Well,
Ganesha was stout and with a big belly who could hardly move from his place
fast. Ganesha was very cool and was least concerned about what was going to
happen. They then announced that either of them who goes around the whole
world thrice and reaches back to them first would get the magical fruit. Karthik,
very spontaneously moved on with his peacock and Ganesha puzzled, thinking
how he would manage as he was too stout and his mouse too small to cope up
Karthik, so very wisely Ganesha joined his hands and started moving around his
parents Shiva and Parvati three times. Surprisingly, when he was asked for the
reason, he replied, “You have created me, and thus, for me you are the world.
So, i don't find it worth wasting my time moving anywhere else” and he
completed his task very efficiently. Not only Shiva and Parvati but, all present
there, were very impressed by his wise act and gave him the fruit and cheered
for him.
Thus, Ganesha has been given the dominion over all the Ganas, which
means all the classes- be it Gods, humans, insects, animals or celestial beings. It
is said that we have to respect and honor all these Ganas and if do not do so, all
our actions are known as the form of thievery as they are not sanctioned. So,
instead of preaching each Gana differently, in order to receive the blessings, it
was decided to bow the Lord of all, Shri Ganesha (which means God of all
Ganas) By receiving his grace, we receive it from all and he removes all the
potential obstacles and helps us to succeed.