Our Hindu beliefs are such that require a large number of rituals to free the soul from the body.All these rituals are performed by priests who make hay while the sun shines.The bereaved family which is reeling under a state of shock has to cough out exorbitant sum of money as Dakshina.From the cremation to the 13 day rituals performed by priests involves money.Recently a death of a family member was an eye-opener.Priests performed the pooja  till the 13th day and demanded money for every small ritual performed.The main recitation of Garud  Purana requires the priest to come to the deceased's house for 13 days and perform the pooja and all 13 days he takes dakshina.Immersion of the ashes in the Holy Ganges requires certain rituals,again the priests perform and exploit and extract to the maximum.The bereaved family as a mark of reverence adheres to all these rituals even though it burns a hole in their pocket.The 13th day which marks an end to these rituals involves a community feast and feeding 0f 13 brahmins or priests.These priests are gifted utensils,clothes and cash and inspite of getting so much they still show dissatisfaction.The greed is beyond limit.They try to fleece the bereaved family in the name of rituals.They quote about different donations to be doled out by the family so that the deceased's soul could rest in peace.Their interest is both cash and kind but they never quote about worthy donations like eye, organ or body donation which can help mankind.Their belief is ,rituals performed fully can lead us to heaven. But it is otherwise as it is said we attain heaven or hell based on on our previous and present birth karmas.