Hi guys, it is time to Kam out of the pious bubble. It is time to confess that you love porn. I love porn. There should be no shame in admitting it.

I have always been an avid supporter of porn. I believe that porn is a visual medium where people are in touch with their animalistic desire. It is apostasy to our sanity. India is the third largest consumer of porn. Unfortunately, its name is tainted by the black label of sexual violence. The capital city, Delhi is known as a rape capital. My question is how the land of Kamasutra became a land of sexual violence?  There are many answers to this question, but a not single one is definite. One of the startling solutions is to ban 827-857 porn website. These websites are set to corrupt the mind of Indian men. The content I watched on these websites showed women to give men the sexual authority over them. I agree the porn website can be pretty ugly. However, it doesn’t mean that the government should control our search engines.

The government should focus on bringing more ethical porn where every adult feels that they are represented and their sexual desires are equally important. We should make a porn website a place to propagate consent over coercion.

Please join with me in this battle as we make porn officially legal in India.