Disney’s Little Mermaid Live-Action: Daveed Diggs as Sebastian’s VA

The upcoming Little Mermaid live-action adaptation is one of the most anticipated remakes by Disney, and now Daveed Diggs is told to be cast as the voice of Sebastian. Rob Marshall is going to direct the forthcoming live-action adaptation, which will be the next Disney reimagining. The adaptation is no surprise as the previous two releases have proved fruitful for Disney. Aladdin and The Lion King both engrossed over $1 billion globally this year. There has been no official date set for the movie; however, the studio is in the process of finishing up the film.

The casting process started by Disney casting Melissa McCarthy for the role of Ursula. After finding out a well-recognized name for the villain, Disney took a full 180-degree turn to cast the lead role. Halle Bailey was cast for the role of Ariel. Bailey is a singer and comparatively a newcomer in the industry, having worked in Grown-ish. The process continues, and now Sebastian’s voice actor has been found as well.

Daveed Diggs, best known for acting in Hamilton by Lin-Manuel Miranda, is now being talked about as the voice of Sebastian. Diggs’ fast rapping prowess was optimally utilized in the movie, and he went on to be featured in another hit named Blindspotting. He got recurring roles in films such as The Get Down, Black-ish, and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Diggs is also set to act as one of the leads in TV series, Snowpiercer.

Seeing the nature of Sebastian’s role, Diggs is expected to only act as the voice part. He is not likely to perform any performance or motion captures, unlike previous live-action Disney movies. Diggs’ voice acting prowess makes him an ideal choice for Sebastian as the crab is a critical aspect of some of the most iconic Little Mermaid songs. Songs such as Kiss The Girl and Under The Sea are going to be interesting to hear as Miranda is going to work on film’s music. So you can expect the tunes to be in accordance with Digg’s talents.

Diggs is the second singer addition in the cast as Halle is also one. The casting of Halle as Ariel went on to stir some online backlash. The backlash was utterly stupid and pointless, and Disney did not pay it any heed as well. Little Mermaid is the company’s one of the most profitable franchises, and its live adaptation seems promising as well. Disney is precautious in selecting the actors for the film, which goes on to show how much its success means to them.

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