Why are you being so kind;

What are you hiding behind?

That lovely face;

Smiling with slow pace!

I know what you mean;

But I’m not what I had been.

No more angst and worries;

Thinking about those bitter memories!

Why should I fall sick; 

For those who always trick?

That’s when I’m awake;

And I’ll work for my sake!

Now I just want to claim;

No one come between my aim.

I want to live for me;

Watch what I’ll be!

My lovers would be proud;

Seeing behind me that crowd.

I would thank all my haters;

For they’ll be amongst my makers!

I hope in future we meet,

And I won’t be effete.

We’ll be strangers by that time,

Wish you’ll remember your crime!

You wouldn’t know how badly I cried,

How many times literally I died,

These scars will follow me even in day,

I doubt whether they’ll ever fade away!