Botanical name--Passiflora incarnata

Common name-Maypop,passiflora,passion flower

Habitat-native to North,Central and South America.It prefers to grow in dry and shady places.It can be cultivated from cutting and seeds.

The beautiful flower developing from an unassuming bud were compared to the Passion of Christ,as the plant parts were thought to represent the Crucifixion thus the name Passion flower.


Leaves,stems and flowers are used for medicinal purposes.

It has a sedative effect and is used as a herbal sleep aid

It helps in removing anxiety

It helps in relieving gastrointestinal spasms

It is hypotensive i.e it lowers blood pressure and relieves fast heart rate

It's antispasmodic effect helps to lower seizures,hysteria and treats symptoms of Parkinson's disease

It helps in treating nerve pain and shingles

It helps in treatment of asthma

It can be combined with valerian in treatment of insomnia

It also has an aphrodisiac effect

Used in treatment of ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity  Disorder

Helps in reducing inflammation due to skin irritations and burns

Reduces symptoms of menopause like hot flashes and depression

It can be used for treatment of hemorrhoids

In foods it is used as flavoring agent

The herb is beneficial as an anti spasmodic,hypnotic,nervine,hypotensive,anxiolytic,analgesicand anti-depressant.

Side Effects-though safe but a few side-effects like dizziness,sleepiness and confusion may occur.It should not be taken while driving.

It is consumed in the form of herbal tea,flowers can be eaten as a salad,fruit is eaten raw but everything eaten should be taken in moderation.