Kids always like something latest chocolaty or spicy. Here's a recipe for them ! Who knew Oreo is more than just a biscuit ? Go ahead and enjoy this super quick and tasty recipe - OREO MILKSHAKE 

Ingredients: (serves 1)

Oreo biscuit (×4)

Milk (× 1 cup)

Hershey's Syrup (Or any other chocolate syrup) 

Choco Chips


1. Add all the ingredients (all at once) in the grinder. Grind well !

Note : Add just a little amount of Chocolate syrup (according to your taste)

2. Collect the mixture in a bowl and refrigerate it for 2 minutes. 

3. Decorate it with toppings of Choco chips 

4. Your easy and quick Oreo Milkshake is ready now! Serve cold !!!