The single aspect which would have changed radically by the turn of the century would definitely be the level of consciousness which we humans possess. The human mind is one aspect which governs and overrides all another principle of our world. Any progress, any development, any innovations which have brought amendments into human life has emerged out of the conscious development of our soul. Each moment, each second, our mind is progressing at a pace which is far greater andfar swifter than any form of progress we have ever seen. This conscious development of our mind, body, heart and soul will definitely boost our urge to transpire to greater heights and look for answers which were never known or never sought after. Our apathy towards other beings would increase, our minds would develop to invent materials of bliss, our life span would have further increased and our vision for future would be much clearer. And this would be made possible only because of the development of soul along with mind through the development of our conscious spirit. Our success in the mortal world would be judged not on the basis of our physical satisfying needs but how able our mind behaves in the prevailing circumstances and conditions. In the words of Sri Aurobindo, "Each step we take towards future is directly proportional to the level of consciousness which we have achieved in each passing life"