It's 4 am and unlike other nights, I stayed up last night. No, not because I'm in love with my best friend. And not at all because I'm a crying mess, I've been here before, you know. I've often been told that I'm a devil with a cute smile, that I'm a charmer wizard with innocent eyes. And I'm like, what? Just because I respect every girl and treat them right, am I that bad?

Okay, let me tell you why did I fall in love with you.It wasn't your Kohl smeared eyes, neither your round face." I need my basketball back" I used to tease and playfully tap on your head. And it wasn't your body for sure. You remember once, I took a whiff of you and asked, " You didn't take a bath again today, did you ?" and laughed and ran as you chased me in the campus.

Then why. 

It was a reason as simple as crashing at your place, drinking tea and witnessing Cersei burn the Great Sept of Baelor, or on some days watching The Secret and pretending not to feel a thing but silently weeping. It was because we made each other overwhelmed on our birthdays or just in general when either of us needed a little dose of happiness.

It was because the way you hugged me and I hugged you back and tried hard to not get all mushy. It was because I forgave you everytime you used to be late and you did the same by letting me roam with you in my tacky peach pants. It was because no matter how many time you said you want to kill in the most brutal way possible, but end up calling me to check if I took my medicine on time, when I fell sick.

Now you know why I fell in love with you. I wanted all this for life and even though it's hard to believe but I know that you wanted it too But not in the way I wanted. I understood that I cannot make you love me back the way I want. But you also need to understand that all I want back is our friendship.And let me tell you all your actions are doing, is spoiling an amazing friendship.

The friendship which was so amazing that I fell in love with someone I never thought I would, your idiot bestfriend. I'm sorry that you're facing this and I want you to know that I'm here, whenever you need me. So please take your time and come back soon, because I need my best friend too.