Would like to explain why the title 'Small is big'. We all desire a better society. The revolutions which are silent, not so popular are actually changing the face of the society. Generally we ignore them, and we look for massive revolutions, great leaders, propaganda of a guru, religion...etc. The revolutions we ignored as small are really big. For example 'Masanobu Fukuoka' spent 30 silent years in his farming before coming up with his "The One-Straw Revolution". At present many environmental saving organizations are inspired by his work. 

The activity of "silent, passionate learning" in a mind may appear small, or has no value but when it explodes it becomes game changer. Only these passionate, humble and learning minds can bring order in human life. Personally I feel the root of all social disorder lies in lack of self knowledge. The lack of self knowledge breeds fear, conflict, division between human beings and nations, longing for pleasure, authority, power. These factors of our psyche, creating havoc in the world. If we can bring this shift from 'exclusive growth' to 'inclusive growth and common good' first in our own daily life, this might be real revolution.