HEART never listens to anybody as long as love and affection related subjects are concerned. You tell, I tell, and the God tell, Heart has its own power to decide the love & affection rather the Heart doesn’t take any suggestions and advises from others.

Heart is like a Independent Commission appointed by the single Jury. The Soul has to work on its behalf. The Soul has the authority, like The President’s powers, to direct the Heart to go in for deep & sensitive subjects like love, affection and its dealing way without hurting the Nature’s physical human body.

Actually, Heart and Soul are like twins and also like cousins and both work hand in hand in consultation with others, time and again, for ay tie-ups, MoU, and Agreements on the love and affection related subjects.

The Supreme Commander is the Soul and the Executor and implementation of policies is the Heart duty. Without the Soul clearance and permission, the Heart will not act or the Heart takes any final decision in love and affection matter without the cognizance of the Soul. So, the Soul and the Heart are intra-related to one physical human body and inter-acts with inter-related Soul and Heart of other Physical Human Body.