I feel this deeply that being with the right person isn't necessary always.You can always be with an imperfect person and have a perfect relationship.Love isn't something which is affected by boundaries........Boundaries of nations,religions,social status,or anything for that matter.It has it's own language and it's own words.That beautiful feeling that creeps up when you meet the "Right Person"/"Right Guy"(for me) is self explanatory.That glow which lights up your face,that blush which becomes a part of your smiling face and that shine in your eyes it all is enough to tell the world that you are indeed with Mr.Right.

This Mr.Right is different for different people....For some he's rich,gentlemanly,sophisticated,good looking,and emotionally supportive and really really generous and down to earth(Sorry that wasn't what someone desires for but that's what i got so got a bit carried away).On a more serious note.......for some he's the one with a golden heart,for others it can be his bank balance,for others it might be looks,and for most of them it's emotional support.But everyone has the same basic desire(almost everyone):LOVE.If someone asks me what the basic requirement for a relationship is,my answer would be the same always;There isn't anyone requirement but the most important is LOVE.As a strong building can't be built without laying foundation stone,similarly a good relationship is impossible without love.

Your Mr.Right need not always be right though.There's a thing with all guys I've met so far.For them they are the smartest people on earth and need to be "Right" always.The term Mr.Right doesn't mean you are right always for sure.Imposing your views on people just because they are "Tolerating" you does not mean you really are "Right".Tolerating?Why did I right that?Am I out of my senses?No I'm not out of my senses or anything(a bit maybe but not that much....I can still judge what I'm writing).Yeah so first of all what is love really?It's nothing but tolerating a person in a better way than you tolerate others.We are tolerating everyone in this world to be frank.Just think of it.Is there anyone who hasn't had conflicts ever with anyone?If we are having conflicts it means we aren't able to tolerate so that means till that point we were tolerating only no?

When this Mr.Right forgets your identity,starts disrespecting your individuality and raises questions about your loyalty that saturation point is reached and you just can't tolerate anymore.......actually you don't even need to.When even your shadow leaves you,how can you expect someone else to be with you forever? "With you" here means emotionally and physically too.It hurts more when someone leaves you alone and on your own emotionally even after knowing you are completely dependent on them for emotional support.Some would ask here why not family.......The answer is believe it or not many a times it is impossible for family to give you that love which you require most.They don't even recognise your strong need for love.And it gets really tough to be on your own emotionally,when you have absolutely no friends,nor your family gets how much you need that love.......basically you have nobody.And so you go out to look for love.You look for Mr.Right.You fail and you keep looking and when they finally cross your way you realise you were actually better off without them.

Isn't it better to be on your own then being in a relationship which kills your soul daily?Where you get questioned everyday about your intentions,you are asked to prove your love and you have absolutely no respect.That gets suffocating too.You have got just one life and to waste it with a perfect guy in a wrong relationship is just plain wrong.He maybe Mr.Right but he surely isn't your perfect relationship material always.It's like slow poisonimg your self,like Euthanasia I should say.You kill yourself,your soul,your heart in this.Those taunts and tactics that you undergo daily just kill you trust me.You can't cling onto a wrong relationship with the Right Guy forever right?What's the use?In the end you'll just cut off completely so better do it immediately 'cause the more time you give it the more it hurts and it really gets tough to heal.And anyways such people remain in your life forever.They create that illusion that they love you(they do of course) but love also fails when you know this isn't meant to be.You don't need Mr.Perfect but you need a perfect relationship.So start looking for that right relationship now and not wrong one with the right guy.