The God, The Almighty, The Lord Christ and The Nature of God to give us good health, wisdom, courage, strength, broad based ideology, philanthropic mind, and more than all, I request the Nature of God to give us longevity with good health. 

Our braveness, courage, wisdom, confidence level, The God fear and our service towards Charity, mankind, humanity especially to help less privileged children/people, disabled children/people, mentally retarded children/people, orphanage motherless babies, helpless aged people, support less widows and handicapped children/people, are always give us extra mileage of longevity with good health. And, more than all our participation/rendering these services will cure all the chronic illness/diseases as per the Nature God's Blessings.

Pray the God, the Almighty, the Lord Christ and the Nature of God to give us good health and fast recovery from our illness. We live in this nature and have to obey to the turn of events as per the directions of The God of Nature.  That is the Act of God.



Author, storywriter, Lyricist & Songwriter