A brand is what sets apart a product from its competitors. It is what makes a product unique and easily identifiable by customers. Therefore, for the success of any product, building up the brand awareness is a very important task for the marketing team. This can be done in several ways, both traditional and modern. However, the best way to build up the brand awareness for any brand or product is through explainer videos. It is estimated that over 55% of all the time we spend on our mobile is dedicated to watching videos. Hence, it is a very lucrative and beneficial means of brand promotion and building brand awareness.

Brand awareness can be increased by explainer videos using the following steps :

Identify Consumer Needs

The first and most important step is to identify the audience or the market for any product. Since each product has a different market and every market wants different things, therefore the type of video that needs to be created to attract one specific market, say middle aged people, will be very different from a video designed to target teenagers and people in their 20s. Hence it is crucial that the age, language preferences, and the kind of message and imagery that will resonate and attract the market be decided beforehand. Like any other marketing initiative, research is very essential before producing any video content for your brand. That's where the best video production company starts from! The research! 

    2. Be original and unique 

The second step is to be original and unique so that the video stands out from the millions of other explainer videos already present in the market. Everyday, billions of videos are watched on YouTube, and your video needs to be different from all of them in order to appeal to the consumer. For this, the explainer videos should be attention grabbing from the very first instant. It should also be memorable so that the consumer doesn’t forget about it as soon as he sees it.

   3. Be Concise and To the Point

In addition to being original, it is also very important to be concise and not waste the time of the viewer. In this fast paced world, everyone is busy and no one has time for long-drawn videos. A survey has shown that explainer videos over 10-25 seconds will not be viewed and will lose customer interest in most cases.

 4. Promote and share vigorously

Promotion of the video is even more important than the creation part. It is paramount that the video be promoted in every possible way, through social media and otherwise. Using a dedicated marketing team for the same is a good idea. Also, contests can be held, giving people rewards for watching or sharing the video.

 5. Make optimaladjustments for different screen sizes

Lastly, the video needs to be such that it can be viewed and played in all different devices. Customers may be using a laptop, tablet, mobile, or even a phone to view your video. Hence, the explainer videos needs to be optimized for different devices and screen sizes. 

Video making and promoting is a very effective and economical way of promoting a brand. However, it needs to be properly utilized in order to have a positive effect. The best video production company can create beautiful business videos using their best creative talent and resources.