While a wooden swing for home often adds up to the aesthetic appeal of the same, you need to think upon a few points before you opt for one. This will ensure that the jhula matches up to the theme of the house. Additionally, you would also be able to go for the set that is affordable and puts on no unnecessary strain on your budget. 

So, what are you waiting for? Check out the list of things to consider and get buying!

Things that you need to consider -

Your budget

Having your eyes on a swing set that seems to go with the theme of your house perfectly might be appealing. However, always look into your budget quotient. Additionally, despite being of low price, some swings may be just the right thing, 

Nevertheless, remember to check on the material of a Jhula and go for the best swing manufacturers in India. This ensures that there is no compromise in the quality of this patio furniture despite the slashed down prices. 

Natural extensions

Even though the swing you will be getting will stay in your patio area, it is imperative that the design of a jhula is in perfect harmony with the interior of your house. This uniformity ensures a feeling of ‘home outside home’ and helps maintain an ideal thematic balance. 

Considering the escalated and varying demands of clients across the globe, there has been a growing need to stay ready with a wide range of themes in wooden jhula for home. Thus, from antique to modern, you can have it all. All that you need to do is look out for the best manufacturers with an assorted range of themes.

Also, remember to go for swings that come with attached shades to protect you from the direct sunlight. You can also set up 2 umbrellas in front of the swing and enjoy your time lazing about, a book in hand. 

Deck height and size of the jhula

One of the most important considerations while setting up a swing set is its size. To decide upon the size of a jhula that you should go for, it is crucial to take into account the number of family members of a household. Going for a set that accommodates half of the number, will not suffice and hence, will not be suitable.

Going for swings that can accommodate your entire family means that you have a shot at spending the outdoorsy lazy Sunday afternoons and evenings with your family. What could be better leisure, after all?

Fabric material used

While outdoor swing sets add on to the appeal of a home, they are often subjected to exposure to direct sunlight, rains, etc. This may cause severe wear and tear, and discolouring of cushions and pillows used on the jhula. You can also go for plain cushion covers and let you DIY self show by covering them with acrylic paints. They are solution dried and hence are the best shields against harmful UV radiations and moisture. You can also opt for cushions made with polyurethane foam that drains out water easily. 

Take these into consideration while opting for a swing set for your porch and ensure its longevity amidst the carefree laughter in your household!