What is blood? A body liquid in Homo Sapiens which is unblemished in nature and a need for our body.

Be that as it may, shouldn't something be said about 'blood' when utilized against ladies?

For what reason does it generally move toward becoming 'polluted'?

If she drains, she's Impure. On the off chance that she doesn't, she's still Impure.


At the high school, when she begins bleeding, she's dealt with as an untouchable on those days. They humor you in do's and don't's. Not permitted in kitchen, sanctuaries. Why? Since she's draining and not unadulterated. Indeed, even in the 21st century, 'Timespan' is forbidden. On the off chance that she's late seven days for her month to month cycle, "Pata nai, kaha much kala karwa ayi" curses shower on her. For what reason do they don't comprehend in the event that we won't seep, there will be no 'You'.

Once more. Is the wedding done? The first night, white bed-sheet. No stain?

"She's an Impure bitch. God knows with what number of she has dozed" From the time she achieves pubescence, ladies are compelled to live on curses.

Men understanding it, who gave you the privilege to judge ladies? Because your white bed-sheet had no stain, she is certifiably not a virgin and you can call her characterless?

Goodness? The breaking of the 'hymen' which is thought to be a virgin check meter in India breaks because of different reasons. Google it boneheads, and never judge a lady by its cover and regardless of whether u don't have that much time, quit judging.

All things considered, Welcome To India.

Whereas indicated by old convictions, 'Women's' are considered as Goddess and wherein one of its slopes lies Goddess Sati's one of the 108 Shakti-Peeths, especially the womb and vagina, and adored by all.

Be that as it may, Ironically, where ladies are judged with the blood they shed and where men are hunks when they do sex before marriage however ladies' turned out to be characterless.

If she drains, she's Impure. In the event that she doesn't, she's as yet Impure.