One of the best features to be launched in Instagram Stories is the music stickers, that permits you to add snippets of your best songs to the story in a few minutes Snapchat also comes with the same feature and also links to Spotify to help you to send your favorite music to your friends. In your article, you will get to know how to add music to your Snapchat stories.

Steps to add music to your Snapchat stories on your smartphone

· Open the music application of the preference.

· Find the music library.

· Search for the music which you wish to add to the Snapchat stories.

· Press on the Snapchat stories.

· Click on the pause option.

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· Click on the Home option to close the music application, but you have to remain open this app in the background.

· Don’t close this application.

· Click on the Snapchat symbol to open the application.

· The first option you will is the camera view.

· Change between the front and back camera in case you wish to.

· In case you are the iPhone user, go up from the end of the screen.

· It will launch the Control Center menu.

· In case you are using the Android phone, you wish to go down from the upper side to open the Notification Center menu.

· You will get the music you have selected from the Snapchat.

· Change the slide to search for the right-hand side of the music.

· Click on the Play option to begin playing the music.

· Exit from the Control or Notification center menu after playing the music.

· You will get the Snapchat recording pane once again.

· Keep pressing on the Record option.

· It is located next to the end of the display to begin the recording procedure.

· After completing this procedure, move the finger from the Record option.

· You will get the round shape option which is changing into the red color.

· After filling it, the video will automatically stop playing.

· In case you are getting the sound, you need to unmute the Snapchat application.

· After completing the playback, click on the little arrow symbol.

· It is located in the end right-hand side of the display.

· It will share a new video with one of your friends.

· Choose the name or names from your menu list of all the available contacts.

· Press on the box given near all the names.

· Click on the Send option.

· After opening the Snapchat, one of your friends will get the song in the video background.

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