Insomnia is a major sleep disorder, which occurs due to physiological reasons, psychological factors, sedentary life style and neurological disturbances. It can be identified by acute sleep deprivation and difficulty in dozing off and staying asleep. Other symptoms may include .Therefore, it is important to be aware of all the causes, which may lead to insomnia. This helps in getting proper medicines to fight this ailment effectively. As far as the treatment of anxiety disorder and insomnia is concerned, the most effective medication is Xanax UK.

Xanax is the branded name of Alprazolam, a popular anti-anxiety medication, which is equally effective in the treatment of panic attacks and depression. It is a drug of the benzodiazepine family which acts on GABA neurotransmitters in the brain to curb anxiety and promotes healthy relaxation among users. Prior consultation with a senior health care expert will prevent the users from any form of reactions or side effects. First time users may experience manageable side effects such as nausea, drowsiness or headache which subside within 4-6 hours. Although there are several OTC stores in UK, but in order to buy Xanax at an affordable price, it is advisable to visit the website of an online drug store.

Anxiety and sleep medications show better results when they are combined with healthy lifestyle practices such as Yoga, meditation, breathing exercises and cognitive behavior therapy. Anxiety sufferers and sleep deprived individuals should avoid the use of caffeine after sunset. Further, they should stay away from the use of electronic screens such as TV, laptop, tablets and smart phones before retiring to bed. Chamomile tea, valerian root and aromatherapy are equally effective in lessening anxiety and promoting drowsiness. And lastly, going to bed at the same time daily and waking up at fixed time will prove instrumental in the restoration of sleep wake rhythm., a trusted e-pharmacy operating from UK, sells FDA regulated medications at reasonable prices and is the best place to buy Xanax online.