When the chirping of birds wake you up in the morning, when the first sun rays touch you gently and you get lost in a thousand thoughts unconsciously, you don't understand the language of the birds or the message of the sun but you feel every inch of them in every inch of you with the ever unveiled magic of something, that something is poetry.
Poetry is not just a creation of mankind, rather the most amazing gift of God given to us that we've claimed to be solely ours. He secretly seeded us with it and we realized when we enjoyed the first fruit unknowingly. For me, it's the most strongest bond that has the power and potential to unite the world, irrespective of all the forces that have divided us into fragments and made us fight against all fellow fragments. The beauty of the bond lies in its magic to not just pull the poets closer, but the readers too. Afterall someone has rightly said "If you cannot be the poet, be the poem". 

It's so surprising how words have such a special trick  to hug your soul without disturbing the silence of your body, without scratching the scars on your skin, letting you travel through the bittersweet memory laden lanes of life but with a light smile on your face that lifts off the loads of all the lessons from your innocent heart.
Words are the wealth of poetry, expressing a million emotions and a trillion feelings that all can feel but not everyone can make someone feel the same if left unsaid. So we,the poetry lovers prefer to fall for the depth of the words, not with the surface of the faces.
Words can win the world, poetry can make us feel we all are actually one.

                                    - Sutrishna Sen