practicing yoga is the cure for their physical, mental as well as psychological health. The following article has some basic yoga tips that you can follow and hit yoga at home.

Being a woman is tough. You always have to be on the toes, whether it is about managing the house, purchasing the grocery, doing laundry, etc. It becomes troublesome when you also have to manage office work. Such things exhaust you physically and mentally

This has inspired women from all over the world to indulge in yoga. Practicing yoga on a regular basis not only yields a myriad of health benefits but also spare you time with self. For the same reason, yoga teacher training in India is encountering enrolment of more yoginis. 

You don’t necessarily have to enroll for a certified yoga course directly you can simply hit the yoga mat at home. Here are some basic yoga tips for women to encounter the same:

  • Start with beginner’s level: Yoga asanas have complexity from easy to difficult and performing the complex poses directly may result in severe injury. To avoid the same, always initiate yoga with beginner's level.
  • Be at ease: Yoga makes you sweat; therefore, keep yourself at ease during the session. Select clothes that can soak up the moisture of the body and are stretchable enough for the limbs. A pair of yoga pants and a few tank tops would be appropriate for the same. You may also try any other outfits that are convenient as well as flexible.
  • Keep it light before the session: Early morning yoga disciplines are considered the best as they are performed empty stomach. But if you are practicing yoga later during the day, especially after a heavy meal, keep an interval of at least 2 hours. You can also have a light snack at least 45 minutes prior to the workout as it drains you physically. Make sure you hydrate yourself with a glass of water 2 hours before starting the session for maximum sweating.
  • Try to endure the poses for longer: The yoga asanas benefits the most when endured for longer. You don’t need to push the limits of the body. Hold the pose as long as you are comfortable in it. Initially, you can hold it for 30 seconds and eventually stretch it up till maximum. Yoga teacher training in Rishikesh focuses on the same. They have professionally experienced yoga teachers that help you endure the poses.
  • Don’t demoralize self: “Practice makes a man perfect” remember the phrase when you fail to perform any pose. Don’t demoralize self for the same and drop yoga practice, instead try modifications of the pose. Keep in mind that all the complex poses will be a chivvy for you one day. Regular yoga practice will help you achieve the same and you will start seeing the results soon. 
  • Have faith in yoga: This intense physical workout show results depending upon the body. Therefore, have faith in yoga while practicing, you will be benefited from it sooner or later. If you ever feel low, read success stories of people from around the world explaining how yoga transformed their lives. Read about how yoga cures diseases and illness such as insomnia, rheumatoid, infertility, menstrual or menopause issues, chronic pains in the body, etc. 

Though practicing yoga will benefit you physically and mentally, it will teach you self-compassion and will give you the opportunity to rediscover self. For women who wish to spend more time with self and take their yoga practice to the next level may also enroll in yoga teacher training in India.