Dear Preeti,

You have seen many moons till now.You have experienced good and bad times.The school days were protected and spent under the umbrage of parents.There were no cares or worries only sit to study.Schooling over you were running to and fo to locate a good career.You chalked out one and worked towards your goal.You achieved academic success and you were inclined to make it big.But God had other plans,you tied the knot and you found yourself busy in family duties.Your career took a backseat.There was no remorse as you held family priority over everything.But gradually your family responsibilities lessened and you craved for a career.The people made fun of you,scoffed at your idea to work after a long sabbatical.Family members threw barbs at you,being qualified you were just like a domestic maid.You were in despair but soon you overcame that and embarked on a new journey.The journey of your dreams.Your latent talent to write came to the fore.You became possessed and started writing day and night.It was the inspiration you derived from Jane Austen,Daphne-du-maurier,Louisa.M.Alcott to write and carve a niche for yourself.

Your indomitable spirit cannot be curbed,your health problems,your loneliness cannot be a deterrent in your success.Single handid you strive to make a mark for yourself.You know you have a strong will power and once you decide,there is no stopping you.You aver to leave your legacy in the sands of time.God willing you will achieve your dreams,you have the power of the pen which will give you rich dividends.People laugh at your naivety but tomorrow they shall revere you.Laugh and don't cry,life is a test give your best.

With Love

And Best Wishes For your Future

Your Happy Self