While we are all fascinated by the thought of being an Entrepreneur, we have rarely thought about the social impact an entrepreneur creates! How many of us have really given it a thought? Not many, I feel.

So let's think for a moment the kind of presence an Entrepreneur has in our lives. We live in our houses which are continuously evolving in their sizes and shapes. We are driving cars which come with facelifts every now and then. We go to shopping malls to buy our daily needs and we are largely addicted to technology in all parts of our lives.

If we look back at it and roll back the times, all these things would not have existed if there were no entrepreneurs to think out of the box and come up with something new. We have been impacted by these inventions, advances and developments on the back of some mavericks who were not willing to be a part of the population. People who chose to create value and have changed the global landscape.

Entrepreneurs are a part of each and every human being on this planet and their contribution will keep driving people across the globe towards more success, better life style, more work opportunities and of course, ever evolving coming generations!