Mother is considered the epitome of love.A lady undergoes a sea change after becoming a mother.She has to nurture her child,develop his social,cognitive and physical skills.She plays a vital role in the development of the child.She develops a strong bond with her child as soon as she conceives and this bond is for life and is called the Umbilical Tie.She has innumerable roles to play-

1-She helps in the first bonds of emotional attachment

2-Teaches trust and security-making the child trustworthy by being around him and making him emotionally secure

3-Being sensitive-mother can teach her child to be sensitive to others' needs and thoughts

4-Being kind and loving-this will help the child to develop a loving disposition towards others

5-Family bonding-teaching importance of family relationships helps in making a child happy and secure.

6-Positivity-teaching a child to handle problems with elan and positivity encourages a child never to give up in life.

7-Hard work- the hard labour a mother does in rearing and educating her child will help in the child's overall development.

8-Discipline and routine-mother teaches a child time management and commitment and this discipline will steer the child's life in the right direction.

A mother's importance and  significance in a child's life is beyond measure.Her unconditional love and devotion are incomparable and is regarded as the key individual in a child's life.She  is considered as the first teacher of a child.For a child she is a secure anchor,confidant,emotional anchor,educator,disciplinarian.

The mother is the role model for a child,it is said a mother does not raise a child;a mother raises the future.