all yourself a reader and at the same time complain about the exhaustion of your ideas? Reading books is a vast river of diverse ideas in different fields, cultures, and opinions.

You'll find countless ideas in it that involuntarily draw you to write about it, so if you stop writing what we usually call (writer's block), it's a warning signal that you've left the beach of frequent book reviews. , so don't miss the opportunity and swim to it right now.

2- Use the five-question rule.
(What, where, why, when, how).

One of the popular content writers on Facebook offers a great way to create the most ideas in seconds:

If you're interested in writing a main idea, ask a group of questions, in bid4papers they can find interested readers for you.That way, you can create lots of other ready-made ideas in no time from one main idea.

For example, if I choose a main idea to write about and I'm "Google," I'll get 5 other ideas from it through the questions that were mentioned earlier:

What can we learn from Google's success?
Where is Google headquartered and where are its offices located around the world?
Why learn the secrets of Google search ?
When should you use another search engine instead of Google ?
How can you profit from Google ?
It is worth noting that in each question you can extract more than one idea, and thus you will get many, many ideas.

3- Solve the problem.
Try to answer some of the questions that people ask, which may express a problem that they encounter in one aspect of their lives, through these famous sites dedicated to this, such as cheapwritingservice , where you can see many questions. that fit your area of expertise, and you can choose any of them that you have experience with, and answer them in your next article.

You can also see the answers on these sites and use them when creating your article, but be careful because not all of the answers provided are correct!

4- Express a different point of view.
If you do a simple Google search on the topic, and Facebook would like to launch the new Libra currency soon , you will find that most articles deal with the topic from a news perspective, and some articles talk about the implications and problems associated with it, as well as the companies involved.

But why don't you write about how it promotes greater freedom of circulation of money for all, or any other idea that expresses a different point of view or an unusual opinion.

5- Use a variety of methods
Try to constantly update your blogging style and try new ways, such as:
Talking about personal experiences: how did you manage to become an SEO expert in just 4 months?Write down someone else's success story: the success story of the giant company Alibaba and the shocking facts about it.
List your best resources or tips: Working online (31 ways to get started in 2020) .
Make a comparison : the difference between how to write an article for a website and how to write an article for a newspaper .

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