The inability and the struggle of males to physically satisfy their female companion can have devastating effect on them. It not only makes them depressed and disheartened, but also impacts their compatibility and relationship with their loved ones. Fewer instances of physical intimacy and the reluctance of the males to indulge in intercourse makes women feel rejected and neglected. Men should sit together with their partner to discuss about what is going wrong in their relationship and if necessary, should visit a sex counselor.

A hard dick is directly linked to the pride and ego of the males. They get nervous when their little soldier fails to get up during intimate sessions and performs miserably in the bedroom. Some males also get affected with a problem called anticipatory anxiety, which further deteriorates their performance behind closed doors. Advice of a licensed counselor can assist men in overcoming erectile struggles and enjoying a normal conjugal life.

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Eriacta tablets 100mg are considered as a generic Viagra just because of its powerful ingredient Sildenafil Citrate. Considered as one of the best medications for the treatment of erectile problems, a single dose can offer a strong and long enduring erection for exciting love making act. Eriacta shows wonderful results when a male is physically aroused during intercourse. This Sildenafil loaded pill keeps men in action for close to 4 hours and offers enough time and opportunity to engage in pleasurable intercourse.

If you have been diagnosed with any major heart complication, then this pill may not be conducive for you. Similarly, patients affected with ailments of lung and liver must get their health check-up done from a physician prior to its use. Medical conditions such as diabetes and abnormal blood pressure should never be concealed from a doctor prior to its use. And most importantly, ED patients should only trust a reputed online pharmacy to buy Eriacta online.